Organize your recruitment activity

If you are still using emails and Excel spreadsheet to manage your recruitments, you are well aware of the tediousness and the waste of time it induces. Beetween will help you structure, organize and centralize your recruitment activity without effort.

An innovative company serving recruiters and candidates

Beetween created a very innovative recruitment software, SaaS / Cloud, who became the first platform digital recruitment, offering businesses a comprehensive tool to manage their entire recruitment process

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Multi-publish your job offers

Once your job written in recruitment software offers, please click here into to our partners as well as to your favorite sites sites. Beetween ensures maximum web visibility and direct access to social networks.

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Avoid "spam applications"

Thanks to a technology that is the subject of a patent, the recruitment software Beetween filter and class in the spamCVbox CV does not meet the criteria set by the recruiter.

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Manage your resumes

Thanks to an email address generated for each recruitment, transfer easily from your email every type of resume (pdf, Word, text ...) attached to an email. CV upload from your hard drive. CV data are retrieved instantly and automatically by the software.

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Measure your activity

Thanks to an alert and email notification system, none of the stakeholders on recruitment will lose the thread of what he has to do and what is happening on each recruitment. With statistics, you can also identify successes and areas for improvement.

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A collaborative platform

You want to set up a workflow between recruiters (internal / external), employees and decision makers to streamline your recruitment process Beetween allows you to define a group of users for each recruitment.

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Create your own resumes database

As recruitment software and application management, Beetween allows you to build up a centralized and secure CV, to keep all your work history and classify them by type or pool.

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Boost your productivity

With recruitment software Beetween, you'll end the waste of time caused by the diffusion hand jobs and manual workflow tracking, while providing you with a powerful tool asking any installation (Cloud).

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A solution for any size business

Beetween offers a wide range of possibility instantly usable for any organization, it also provides the specific I/O and developments to adapt to complex environments.

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Complete workflow tool for monitoring recruitment
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Illimited number of recruitments
Unlimited ads multicast job sites
Unlimited number of CVs in the database
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