Do you know about Digital Recruitment Platforms in SaaS ?
Did you know that there is a much more professional way than Email and Excel recruitment solutions to quickly receive the best CVs, monitor applications or ensure the flow of information for each recruitment in the company? Beetween offers a 30 minute presentation to show you the value of Recruitment Software.


The majority of companies we encounter organize their recruitment empirically due to a lack of specialized tools to monitor their recruitment:

  • They spend a lot of time diffusing and updating their job openings on specialized websites
  • Recruiters only receive candidate CVs in their email inboxes where they get lost amongst other messages, making it impossible to classify, comment or follow applications
  • A large majority of experienced recruiters use the printer and ‘post it’ method as a way to keep track of the most relevant candidates
  • The transmission of information between the different recruitment actors is almost always paper-based.
  • The most organized recruiters use Excel to follow the evolution of candidates step by step  in order to recruit the right person.


All of this takes time for the employees responsible for recruitment and makes the recruitment process long, tedious and expensive.  Even if the recruitment is successful, each party retains the feeling that the process could be improved and dreams of a simple and effective  piece of recruitment software!


Today, with iCloud and SaaS technologies,  recruiting software which is both instant and cost efficient and includes private and confidential web space is all that is needed to find, contact and follow each candidate all the while sharing information between the managers in charge of recruitment within the company.

As well as greater efficiency for each hiring, recruitment software makes the process more environmentally friendly – no more  printed CVs and candidate records, and leads to more ethical business practices due to transparency and openness of information between the recruitment actors : SaaS recruitment software is also a collaborative workspace.

As the creator of SaaS recruitment software, which has been recognized by OSEO (the French equivalent of …) and is patented, Beetween would like to offer a free webinar on the use of its Recruitment platform.

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