SaaS recruitment software allows you to save time, money, and have a better understanding of your recruitments.

Here are some of Beetween’s features:

Search resumes and candidate profiles

Search free CV online Beetween Search is a resume search engine developed by Beetween and is the result of several years of R & D.  Its search algorithms have been specially developed to fit the specifics of CV research. The search engine scans employment web sites and indexes the resumes and profiles that it finds in […]

Organize your recruitment activity

Most companies recruit without suitable tools.  The most common strategies being to use Excel to manage recruitment or  candidate lists, and email boxes to receive all resumes and share information internally on potential candidates. This mode of operation, even if it can work out more or less on a small scale, quickly shows its […]

A collaborative platform

For most businesses, recruiting necessarily involves many people within the business: the manager who has a need, possibly the n +1 and n +2 manager, a person responsible for Human Resources – or even the Head of HR – a recruitment manager … As a result, an HR team may […]

Productivity gain

Beetween is a solution which requires no local installation: no server or computer skills are needed. It can be up and running from the first day. Users access their environment by connecting directly to this site. Recruitment activity can be extremely time-consuming: – Filling in information about recruitments or candidates via […]

Multi-post your jobs

Posting a job ad is a good thing. Making it visible on a large number of sites is better.  Not having to spend the whole day doing so, changes the life of a recruiter. With Beetween recruitment platform, multi-post your jobs on all the sites you want with just one click. Beetween makes  easy: […]

Avoid Spam CV's

When we publish an ad for a job that will receive a lot of applications,  many of the  CVs obtained will not match anything we are looking for. This generates a very significant loss of time spent looking at CV’s which don’t match what we were looking for in the first […]

Manage your resumes

When using the Beetween platform, you effectively manage all applications related to your recruitment. As a result, regardless of the origin of the resumess received, they easily fit into the platform: automatically if they are responses to ads sent via Beetween Publish, uploaded in 2 clicks from your desktop or […]

A platform adapted to the size of your business

A recruitment is a process. It is marked by various stages. Every business, whether small, medium or large, has its own internal organization. In order to manage this process effectively, Beetween offers a work environment which allows you to define and enforce a workflow and a process which perfectly matches your organization […]

Build a centralized resume database

As recruitment software and an application tracking system, Beetween allows you to build a centralized and secure CV database organized by type or pool. Each resume that arrives on your Beetween recruitment interface  is automatically added to your private and centralized CV database: whether they come from responses to ads that you broadcasted , or  are […]

Master and evaluate your business

Good candidates do not wait! Reactivity is a key factor in the success of a recruitment. Thanks to an email alert and notification system, no one involved in the recruitment process will ever lose track again of what they have to do and what is happening, including candidates to call […]

Some features of Beetween recruitment software

Contact management In your Settings, My Address Book allows you to import email contacts directly from your inbox (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail …) in order to facilitate sending messages or invitations to your colleagues or candidates selected. Your contact list is then automatically updated from the emails you send, so as to avoid all […]