For most businesses, recruiting necessarily involves many people within the business: the manager who has a need, possibly the n +1 and n +2 manager, a person responsible for Human Resources – or even the Head of HR – a recruitment manager …

As a result, an HR team may find themself simultaneously manage multiple recruitments which are followed by different recruitment managers for different managers.  In order to stay organized, each actor must have a clear view of the recruitments on which he needs to intervene, and these recruitments only, while leaving the possibility for a global manager, such as a Head of HR, to have a global view of the recruitment activity.

Such a collaborative mode also allows to share information with partners, contractors and external customers. For example, a company may work with recruitment firms and include them in the recruitment process via the Beetween platform.
Depending on each organization, worflows must be enforced. For example, a recruitment request issued by a manager may need approval from the Head of Human Resources.

The Beetween platform allows to put such a system in place and create a real exchange place only authorized persons can access, in order to share information in the most effective way possible.

Need to set up a workflow between internal or external recruiters, employees and decision makers in order to streamline your recruitment process ? Beetween allows you to the define a group of users for each recruitment and assign them precise rights.