As recruitment software and an application tracking system, Beetween allows you to build a centralized and secure CV database organized by type or pool.

Each resume that arrives on your Beetween recruitment interface  is automatically added to your private and centralized CV database: whether they come from responses to ads that you broadcasted , or  are imported  from your existing CV database,  they are all collected in your own secure online space.  Gone are the days when you were forced to keep your resumes as files on your hard drive or in your email … They are now all present in a single place accessible 24/7.

Thanks to the automatic resume analysis,  essential information about the candidate is extracted from each file and made  available to you. Each resume is then enriched with your personal comments, interview feedback and full history, leaving you to manage your own qualified, continually updated, CV database.

The resume search engine, which is at the heart of the applicant tracking system, allows you to instantly find any of the resumes in your database through a search by keywords and filters. The engine both  indexes the resumes themselves (. doc,. pdf …) as well as written notes.  As a result, you will have direct access  to each resume received, never losing sight of one again. In addition, your resumes organize themselves into pools and recruitment folders while you organize your recruitment activity.


Enjoy the collaborative side of the Beetween recruitment platform: share your online resume database with members of your team, and decide who does what.  Only the people you have invited to share your resume database have access.

This allows you to build an online qualified resume database which corresponds to your entrepise, whatever the size.