Most companies recruit without suitable tools.  The most common strategies being to use Excel to manage recruitment or  candidate lists, and email boxes to receive all resumes and share information internally on potential candidates.

This mode of operation, even if it can work out more or less on a small scale, quickly shows its limits:
– Waste of time as you need to enter information into spreadsheets,  the trouble finding resumes and attached information,
– Loss of information: no consistent storage of information about the candidates or the recruitments
– No business functionality helping to optimize your recruitment process
– No centralization: information is spread out on the desktops of employees and in their mailboxes,
– No information sharing among the different actors, or not in a structured way
– No performance indicators of the recruitment activity.

The Beetween platform allows you, as is shown in the details of the other features, to structure, organize and centralize your recruitment activity.

A recruitment is also a process: a candidate will be first selected, then contacted, then met at a first appointment, then at a second … etc. Beetween lets you know exactly where you stand on each candidate in each recruitment and allows you to tailor the recruitment process to suit your needs. This can bring rigor to your recruitment activity and as a result, optimize your performance.