Beetween is a solution which requires no local installation: no server or computer skills are needed. It can be up and running from the first day. Users access their environment by connecting directly to this site.

Recruitment activity can be extremely time-consuming:
– Filling in information about recruitments or candidates via ill-fitted tools,
– Posting of ads on various media, which requires to log-in to each of them again and again,
– Tedious processing of resumes arriving en masse, all mixed and un-filtered in your email inbox,
– Tedious searching of candidates history.

With the Beetween recruitment platform, you stop wasting time because:
– The information is centralized and organized,
– The job broadcasting service allows you to enter information only once, not having to connect to various sites ; re-publication of an existing job offer is done in 2 clicks,
– The resumes arrive in the platform in the approriate recruitment folder, without you having to dispatch them manually,
– If a resume is already present in the database, it is detected as a duplicate and is merged,
– The Beetween platform has a powerful search engine to quickly reach skills and resumes previously processed.